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Miel D'or

Drone Homogenate Milk

Drone Homogenate Milk

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Unleash nature's vitality with our exclusive Drone Homogenate Milk—a unique blend of the finest raw honey and the potent essence of drone larvae, crafted meticulously from our own hives.

Extracted during their growth phase, this elixir maximizes revitalizing hormones, creating a product that embodies nature's potency. Renowned for its rejuvenating properties, each drop encapsulates the essence of vitality.

Recommended at just 5 grams per day for its potency, prioritize your well-being, and consult with your healthcare professional before adding this unique substance to your routine.


  • Juvenile hormone for anti-aging
  • Supports testosterone
  • High vitamins content
  • Biostimulator, immunomodulation
  • Stimulation of all body processes
  • Fertility and reproductive effects
  • Adaptogenic effects

Limited quantities available.

Keep in the freezer for optimal freshness. 



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