Our Story

(Bulgaria 1990 - Todor and his hives)
Todor Donchev first became interested in beekeeping in the 90s in Bulgaria. He started with about ten hives and his whole neighborhood came to his house to taste the delicacy he harvested from his marvelous bees. He quickly understood the art of beekeeping and decided to take this passion to Canada so that the citizens of Quebec could taste real raw honey.
Our hives are now located in the countryside in the wild forests of Mascouche and in the Cap St-Jacques park. Todor is often busy in the field harvesting and working, so he needed a team as passionate as he is to grow his efforts. It was then that he decided to build a family business where everyone has a crucial role in running the business.
At Miel D'or, our mission is to introduce our dear customers to the beauty and benefits of honey products, as well as to preserve its natural state because it is truly a superfood for health.
(Canada 2018)
We are now very happy to welcome our customers on site and online! Expanding our honey products business and providing good service is what drives us every day.
We are a team very passionate about beekeeping and we love connecting with the people who come to see us. A beautiful warm and welcoming energy is at the heart of our principles at Miel D'or.
Come with pleasure to taste all our products and see our beehives!