Can I taste your products?

Yes with pleasure! Come visit us at our location in Laval. You can taste our honey and honeycombs for free before you buy them. By appointments only.


Do you deliver?

Yes. Here are the delivery options:

1. Delivery by Canada Post, at your expense.

2. Local delivery in Laval and Montreal for a flat fee of 10$ on orders over 80$.


Who harvests your honey?

The honey is harvested by hand by Todor Donchev, a beekeeper since the young age (Read ''Our Story'' section). All the honey you see in our website comes directly from our hives. It's wild, with no additives or preservatives.


What is the difference between yellow hive and black hive?

When bees produce honey, they store it in the hive – which is yellow in color. The black hive is a sign that the hive units are used for the birth of bee larvae. The black color is due to the accumulation of pollen, bee saliva and other debris. The black hive is edible and delicious, like the yellow hive. In several corners of the world, the black hive is even more appreciated than the yellow hive, especially for its nutritional qualities.


How is honey harvested?

We harvest all the honeycomb by hand from our 300 hives located in Mascouche and Cap Saint-Jacques. We deposit them in a special barrel that is centrifuged by hand. The honey flows from these combs, into the barrel. Then the raw honey is poured into a smaller flowing barrel. All glass jars are accurately filled using a digital scale. All of our honey is stored in food grade plastic buckets, 100% safe.


What is the difference between store honey and yours?

Our honey is natural and unaltered – no pasteurization and no filtering. Unfortunately, honey in stores undergoes several processes to comply with commercial standards, including pasteurization, the use of antibiotics, the addition of sugar, etc. Unfortunately, all of this destroys the benefits of honey by lowering its nutritional qualities, in particular elimination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


What does “raw” honey mean?

Raw honey means the honey has not been pasteurized or filtered. It contains residues of pollen, wax and propolis.


Why does honey crystallize?

Crystallization is an all-natural process that occurs when honey is natural. If you want to make it more liquid, you can put it next to your heater at home or put the closed jar of honey in a bowl of hot tap water and wait 5-10 minutes. Then, mix it well and it will become more liquid.


Does honey have an expiration date?

No. When properly preserved in an airtight glass container, honey has no expiration date, thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. One can easily keep honey in a glass jar for 100 years and it will still be edible.


Why is the color of honey different?

The color of honey differs depending on the surrounding vegetation. Some plants produce paler honey, and other plants produce darker honey. All our types of honey have a rich, creamy and velvety taste with floral aromas. Some are a bit spicier and some are sweeter. It's a question of taste.